Songs & Recordings

Ruth: The Musical is comprised of 27 original songs ranging from operatic arias to broadway style show tunes.

Shadow of Your Wings

For a complete list of the lyrics, visit THIS PAGE.

Act 1

  • Overture- Instrumental
  • Preamble & Prologue: Timeless- Narrator, Choir
  • Elimelech’s Song- Elimelech, Naomi, Kilion, Mahlon
  • The Family Leaves- Elimelech
  • Journey to Moab- Choir
  • Bitter- Naomi
  • Go Back- Naomi, Ruth, and Orpah
  • Far Be it From Me- Naomi
  • Wherever you go- Ruth and Naomi
  • Redeemer- Ruth and Naomi
  • Bitter (reprise)- Naomi
  • Ruth’s Prayer- Ruth
  • We Thank the Lord- Choir
  • Ruth’s Response- Ruth
  • Boaz’s Song- Boaz and Servant
  • Boaz Meets Ruth- Boaz, Ruth, Naomi, and Choir
  • Redeemer (reprise)- Boaz, Ruth, Naomi, and Choir

Act 2

  • Entr’acte- Instrumental
  • Naomi’s Plan- Naomi and Choir
  • Kindness Replaces Bitterness- Naomi
  • The Harvest Now is In- Choir
  • Ruth & Naomi’s Conversation- Ruth and Naomi
  • Ruth at Boaz’s Feet- Ruth and Boaz
  • Ruth & Boaz’s Conversation- Ruth and Boaz
  • I Will Not Rest- Boaz
  • Far Be It From Me (reprise)- Boaz & Ruth
  • I Will See it Through- Boaz
  • The Bargain- Boaz, Kinsman, and Choir
  • I Will See it Through (reprise)- Boaz
  • Shadow of Your Wings- Boaz, Ruth, Naomi, and Choir
  • Epilogue- Narrator
  • Redeemer (The Finale)- Boaz, Naomi, Ruth, and Choir


These tracks were recorded and mixed by Dan Weill at the world premiere performance at Grace Church in June of 2018.